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These documents represent both the hard work of many CLT professionals who volunteered their time on working parties, and the vision of those on the ACLTA Executive (over many years) – we acknowledge them with great thanks!




In June 2014, thanks to the generous support of Australian children’s cancer charity Camp Quality, ACLTA held a Strategic Forum on Hospital Play in Australia. Representatives from all states and territories (except NT), and from a range of child life therapy services (Children’s Hospitals, sole practitioners, private practice) came together to set the course for the Association, and profession, in the coming years.

One of the many outcomes from this Forum was the agreement for the need to create frameworks that would support the recruitment (and retention) of staff that are well equipped to work in this very rewarding – and challenging – role. These Frameworks would also serve to unite the diverse range of services that exist across the country.

We encourage Hospital Executives, Allied Health and Nurse Unit Managers, team leaders, professionals, and others involved in the provision of services in paediatrics to use these Frameworks – in recruitment, during reviews, and when encouraging professional development.


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